The JKCP Philosophy is founded on 40 years of responding to students’ needs.

What started out as a weekly tennis camp quickly grew to include golf, cooking, business, fitness, academics and more. We're focused on providing you with the programming you want! And, we believe that professionals in the field should teach every subject. This is what's made JKCP a global success.

Top 10 Reasons
  • #1


    JKCP gives you an amazing variety of choices. They’re all great. You pick what you want: programs, classes, trips, and activities.

  • #2


    From Sao Paulo and San Francisco to Stockholm and Shanghai, you'll meet, hang out with and make friends with other students from around the world.

  • #3

    Location. Location.

    Programs are held at prestigious private colleges. In the dorm, in the dining hall, in class, you'll get a taste of campus life.

  • #4

    Mix & Match

    You can mix and match programs and classes from Entrepreneurship to Medicine to Sports. Create your ideal summer!

  • #5

    Expert Instruction

    Work with tennis pros who have been on tour, college faculty members, successful entrepreneurs and more. 95% of our teachers have a Master’s Degree.

  • #6

    Julian Krinsky

    That’s right, he's really here. Actually, he’s sort of everywhere. Driving the bus. At check-in. On the court. You never know when you'll see him.

  • #7

    The East Coast

    JKCP puts you right in the heart of the East Coast's famous places and attractions. Every Saturday we have trips to places like NYC, DC and the beach!

  • #8

    Endless Activities

    We've got plans every evening! We'll head downtown, have events on campus, go to the movies and more. We change it up to keep things interesting.

  • #9


    Fun is oxygen around here. If it's not fun, we don't do it! Classes? Fun. Activities? Fun. Doing something completely unexpected? Fun! You get the idea.

  • #10

    Staying Connected

    Yes, you can have your cell phone. Yes, we've got WiFi. Yes, you're connected to the outside world. We get it; we love those things too!

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