Wharton Moneyball Academy

University of Pennsylvania - Residential Program

The hit movie Moneyball opened audiences’ eyes to the world of sports statistics. The Wharton Moneyball Academy lets students delve deeper into this fascinating realm, showing them how to turn simple data into deep discoveries that defy conventional wisdom. Hosted by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton Sports Business Initiative (WSBI), the Moneyball Academy welcomes talented high school juniors and seniors intrigued by statistics.

Moneyball is taught by Wharton faculty and graduate students. The program covers much of Wharton’s Statistics 101 course as well as many of its advanced level statistical courses. As you learn to read and write code in R (the powerful statistical programming language) and develop your key data analysis skills, you will be primed to be a leader in an increasingly data-driven economy.

University of Pennsylvania