Julian Krinsky School of Golf, a Nike Golf Day Camp for Ages 14-18

Haverford College - Day Camp

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level golfer, our golf summer camp on the Main Line provides world-class instruction and coaching that gives junior golfers the necessary skills to compete and win. Each week at our summer golf camps for high school students, we build on your strengths, we offer intensive training and real competition that develops every part of your game. We’ll focus on the short game, putting, approach shots, course management, tournament play and more. Test your new skills in weekly competitions and 18-hole tournaments. Learn what it takes to play golf on a more competitive level.

Challenge Yourself on a New Golf Course Everyday

With more than 25 courses to play on the Main Line, you’ll never “learn the course” at Nike Golf camp. Each day you’ll be challenged by new holes, fairways, hazards and greens. Plus, you’ll never miss a day of play. Rain or shine, we’ve got it covered!

For more information or to register, please see Nike Junior Golf Camps, Haverford College.

Haverford College