Esports Powered by NSG Academy for Ages 10-13

The Official Training Camp of Philadelphia Fusion University

N3rd Street Gamers and Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs are proud to unveil the world’s premier esports industry summer camp! This camp offers a unique opportunity, molding talented young players into seasoned competitors and taking their game to the next level. The goal of the NSG summer camp is to help mold young players into the best they can be, and help them achieve their potential.

With nearly $7 million dollars worth of scholarships being awarded from over 40 universities in the United States and close to $1 billion of prize money handed out in 2017, there is no denying that eSports is a booming industry.  

With that in mind, we created a two-week immersive esports summer program designed to give participants a complete overview of the eSports ecosystem.

During the esports summer camp students will:

  • Train with former professional gamers who have built their careers in the industry
  • Improve their level of play through skill and strategy
  • Identify their gaming strengths
  • Design, compete in and produce a professional grade championship tournament event
  • Explore collegiate and professional opportunities within the ecosystem of esports
  • Delve into all facets of the industry, through exposure to industry giants and workshops with industry professionals
  • Gain insight into career networking, esports team building, media exposure, tournament marketing and the business of esports 

For students ages 14-18, get more info here.

Haverford College