eSports Powered by NSG Academy for Ages 10-13

With nearly $7 million dollars worth of scholarships being awarded from over 40 universities in the United States and close to $1 billion of prize money handed out in 2017, there is no denying that eSports is a booming industry.

With that in mind, we created a two-week immersive eSports summer program designed to give participants a complete overview of the eSports ecosystem.

During the esports summer camp students will:

  • Train with ex-professional gamers who work in the industry now
  • Improve their level of play
  • Identify their gaming strengths
  • Design, compete in and produce a professional grade championship match
  • Explore collegiate and professional opportunities within the ecosystem of eSports
  • Delve into all facets of the industry, through exposure to the industry giants and workshops with industry professionals
  • Gain insight into career networking, eSports team building, media exposure, marketing and much more

For students ages 14-18, get more info here.

Haverford College