College Tennis Showcase

Villanova University – Day Program

The Julian Krinsky School of Tennis College Showcase Camp gets you ready to play college tennis and provides a live match play setting in front of coaches.

The first three days of the camp include:

  • five hours of daily high performance training
  • college style practice sessions and live drilling
  • focused strategy training in both singles and doubles
  • duel match play
  • footwork and speed training
  • situational play, match play strategy and shot selection
  • developing attitudes and habits of elite college tennis players

The final two days of the camp include:

  • playing for college coaches
  • live match competition
  • singles and doubles match play

Exposure Coaches Crave

On paper, coaches can see your rankings, grades and virtual resume, but they can’t see you: your strokes, your game, your attitude, and your passion for tennis. Our college tennis showcase is the ideal platform to get in front of them.

The number of players accepted to the showcase is limited. This ensures that the coaches have enough time to spend watching and networking with each student. Getting to know the coaches personally gives you an inside track when it comes time for the recruitment process.  

Your Tennis Will Improve

While it’s exciting to meet the coaches and think about your future college experience, you’ve still got a high school tennis season ahead of you. Our showcase camp is the best way to prepare. Through our college-like practice sessions, live drilling and competitive match play, your tennis game will advance measurably.  

Villanova University