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'Xplore' a Camp That Gives Your Kids the Extra Edge


The school year is over, your children are home, and you wonder:will the summer camp you’ve chosen give your children the fun they desire and the fulfilling content you were hoping for? We spoke to Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs to get the low-down on their Xploration Camp that will keep your kids sharp during the summer month. ...more

Find Fitness, Fun And Friends For Your Child In JK 10 & Under Tennis!


School’s out. It’s time for the children to enjoy a well-deserved break from school. As a child, my Mom liked to keep me busy over the long school break. Each summer she found different programs and activities for me. One summer, when I was 8 or 9 years old, she signed me up for tennis lessons. ...more

What Your Teen Can Gain From Summer Camp


Summer is a time for freedom. For children and teenagers, it’s a time for relaxation, but also a time to learn, grow, and above all, enjoy themselves. They could spend their summer sitting on the couch in the air conditioning, listening to music and browsing the internet, but what fun would that be? ...more