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5 Ways Working Moms Can Prep Their Children For Middle School


With another school year coming to a close, kids and parents alike anticipate and plan for those action-packed, fun-filled weeks of summer. But if you have a child entering middle school in the fall, this summer is also a pivotal time to prepare for the transition to a whole new world of learning. ...more

How You Can Prep Your Children For Adult Life


If you were to ask any parent what they wants their children to be when they grow up, you’d likely hear something along the lines of “independent and happy.” All parents want the best for their kids, and that usually means wanting them to grow into adults who are thriving in lives and careers they can be proud of. ...more

Making An Impact


Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs remains ahead of the curve through providing students an enriching summer experience of a lifetime. Summertime brings a time of relaxation and sweltering summer days - and for some, it is a time that brings opportunities of discovery and newfound interests for both children and parents through enrolling ...more