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There’s an esports summer camp with yoga and nutrition


Run by N3rd Street Gamers and Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs, the unique camp isn’t just a place for young gamers to spend two weeks glued to screens and rattling off key combos. The camp infuses training, nutrition, speakers and activities to teach esports players skills they need to find success that goes beyond ...more

Equipping Generation Z For An Entrepreneurial Future


Small businesses are the backbone of the modern economy, and today’s youngest generation has noticed. Studies of Generation Z reveal a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Furthermore, Gen Zers’ parents are encouraging skill development that’s important for entrepreneurship. ...more

3 Keys to Retaining Gen Z Workers


Entrepreneurism is on the rise, with a higher number of Millennials starting and running their own businesses than their parents before them. But what of the generation after them — those born after 1997? They may be a bit young for formal work trend studies, but there are already signs they’re just as capable of great things ...more

Four Ways To Balance Parenting and Work This Summer


Most parents today work, and in almost half of two-parent families, both parents have full-time jobs. Work tends to come first, and 39% of mothers and a full 50% of fathers report feeling that they aren’t able to spend enough time with their kids. ...more

How To Connect With Your Tech-Obsessed Teen


Do conversations with your offspring begin with a blank stare, as if they suddenly stopped understanding the English language? This was the first clue something had changed in our house. I started getting drawn-out “ugggh…” noises, followed by eye rolls and lightning-fast departures — all before I could finish my latest tirade... ...more

Three Ways Tech Is Fueling Growth in the Sports Industry


While this passion for sports may seem timeless, the introduction of new technology in the industry is changing how sports are played, viewed, and monetized. The following uses of tech are having the biggest impact on the sports industry today. 1. Esports is showing how tech can ‘buff’ the sports industry. ...more

The Most Outrageous Summer Camps for Kids


If the sky’s the limit this summer —we have the summer camp list for you! From camps that offer pro-level golf and tennis instruction to those that let kids live aboard a yacht, it’s not all campfire songs and mosquito bites for some lucky kids. Scroll through to read about some of the most luxury summer out there. ...more

4 Places Startups Can Find the Talent They Need


Recruiting the right talent can be a daunting task, but it's a critical one. When making hiring decisions, look not only for past achievements, but at what candidates can do for your team down the road. That requires imagination and an effective interview process. ...more

Gen Zers Will Succeed at Camp Because They’re Wired Differently


Today’s summer camps aren’t what they used to be. They’re now designed to be adventurous, educational, athletic, thought-provoking experiences that help lead children and teens toward their future. These summer camps also give Gen Zers the opportunity to improve their soft skills, something that has been increasingly hard ...more

Understanding Generation Z


“They’re growing up in a world that’s never existed before,” he said. “This is the first generation we’ve ever seen that is being mentored entirely by their peers around the world and not by the generation that came before them. ...more

How to Raise a Gen Z Kid


Generation Z is certainly shaking things up! When compared to Millennials and their Gen X counterparts, Gen Zers are driving less, taking on fewer part-time gigs, and staying home instead of hanging out with their buddies, according to a study in the journal "Child Development".... ...more

Millennials Are Old News: What Do Gen Z Workers Want?


Leaders have spent so much time focusing on how to engage Millennials that most of them forget about Generation Z -- the next wave of people (those born between 1995 and the mid- 2000's) just beginning to enter the workforce. Gen Z is already separating itself from Millennials when it comes to workplace demands. ...more

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Raising a Gen Zer? Here are 4 Things You Need to Know


Millennials, make room for the 82 million new kids on the block. Generation Z has crashed the party, changed the playlist, and revamped the atmosphere. It’s their time to bask in the spotlight — and perplex their primarily Generation X parents. ...more

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6 Programs to Educate and Inspire Your Gen Z Child


Generation Z, consisting of individuals born after 1995, is beginning to move into the spotlight now that they make up over a quarter of the U.S. population. By 2020, that number is expected to increase to a third, which means the $44 billion Gen Zers contribute to the U.S. economy annually ...more

5 Ways Working Moms Can Prep Their Children For Middle School


With another school year coming to a close, kids and parents alike anticipate and plan for those action-packed, fun-filled weeks of summer. But if you have a child entering middle school in the fall, this summer is also a pivotal time to prepare for the transition to a whole new world of learning. ...more

How You Can Prep Your Children For Adult Life


If you were to ask any parent what they wants their children to be when they grow up, you’d likely hear something along the lines of “independent and happy.” All parents want the best for their kids, and that usually means wanting them to grow into adults who are thriving in lives and careers they can be proud of. ...more

Making An Impact


Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs remains ahead of the curve through providing students an enriching summer experience of a lifetime. Summertime brings a time of relaxation and sweltering summer days - and for some, it is a time that brings opportunities of discovery and newfound interests for both children and parents through enrolling ...more

Here's the Work Help Gen Z Really Needs From Its Parents


Ready or not, here they come: Generation Z. They’re about 82 million strong, and the eldest members of their cohort are turning 21 this year -- meaning they’re about to enter the workforce. Gen Zers are the first generation to have grown up in a digital world, and that affects their behaviors. ...more

Balancing Your Job With Your Child's Summer Vacation


Summer looms on the horizon. Children look forward to days in the sun and spending time with friends — while working parents wonder how they’re going to manage the schedule when there’s still business to attend to. It can be difficult to strike a balance between your child’s summer vacation and your time at work. ...more

The Dos and Don'ts of Summer Camp Parenting


Your kids have gone to camp. Now comes the hard part: Parenting them while they aren’t living at your house! While they are away, we know there are myriad thoughts going through your head. Are they having fun? Are they making friends? Are they eating enough nutritious food? Are they learning something new? Did they shower today? ...more

Six Things to Teach Your Kids Now


All parents want their children to be well-rounded, hardworking adults who find careers that make them happy. But few parents realize they can help set the groundwork to make that happen. As children grow, they discover their own interests and areas in which they excel. ...more

USTA's Abrams, South Africa's Krinsky lead Hall of Fame


The Middle States Section (USTA Middle States) of the United States Tennis Association (USTA) recently announced its 2017 USTA Middle States Hall of Fame inductees, bestowing the honor upon David Anthony Abrams, Connie Ebert, Jeff Harrison and Julian Krinsky. ...more

The Dos and Don'ts of Summer Camp Parenting


Your kids have gone to camp. Now comes the hard part. Parenting them while they aren’t living at your house! While they are away, there are a myriad of thoughts that go through your head. Are they having fun? Are they making friends? Are they eating enough nutritious food? Are they learning something new? Did they shower today? ...more

Summer Program That Helps Students Build Their Futures


The Community Schools team recently assisted the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design in selecting candidates for a full residential scholarship to the Architecture: Summer at Penn program. 45 students will travel from all over the world to live at the University of Pennsylvania and study architecture Penn School of Design. ...more

6 Tips To Help You Find The Right Summer Camp For Your Child


The time for summer camp is on the horizon, and many parents are forgoing general camps in favor of more specialized preprofessional summer programs. Why preprofessional? These programs help students realize their passions. Likewise, they help kids find out what they don’t like so they can dive deeper into what does interest them. ...more

How To Help Your Children Make The Most Of Their Digital Presence


Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, and more , Gen Z has a lot of potential for a strong digital presence. What your child post on social media matters more than the numbers of likes they receive. They can highlight memorable life events, share great news, and even build their digital résume online. ...more

8 Life Skills Your Child Should Have Before High School


High school is indeed a time that demands a lot of independence. In these four years, students will have to balance homework, extracurricular activities, social lives, and even part-time jobs or college applications. What's more, high schoolers' peer groups can be very influential, so a child's autonomy becomes even more important. ...more

How the Pre-Professionals Title Gives High Schoolers the Upper Hand


The high school years are a time for discovering oneself — learning strengths and weaknesses, identifying dreams and goals for the future, developing key communication and real-world skills, and mapping out plans for college or a career after graduation.And we can start with giving high schoolers a new title: pre-professionals. ...more

STEM at Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs


Students from around the US and over 40 countries are attending a unique summer camp that allows students to experience Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math at Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs. ...more

'Xplore' a Camp That Gives Your Kids the Extra Edge


The school year is over, your children are home, and you wonder:will the summer camp you’ve chosen give your children the fun they desire and the fulfilling content you were hoping for? We spoke to Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs to get the low-down on their Xploration Camp that will keep your kids sharp during the summer month. ...more

Find Fitness, Fun And Friends For Your Child In JK 10 & Under Tennis!


School’s out. It’s time for the children to enjoy a well-deserved break from school. As a child, my Mom liked to keep me busy over the long school break. Each summer she found different programs and activities for me. One summer, when I was 8 or 9 years old, she signed me up for tennis lessons. ...more

What Your Teen Can Gain From Summer Camp


Summer is a time for freedom. For children and teenagers, it’s a time for relaxation, but also a time to learn, grow, and above all, enjoy themselves. They could spend their summer sitting on the couch in the air conditioning, listening to music and browsing the internet, but what fun would that be? ...more

Gaining An Edge With Summer Internships


Getting into the college of their dreams can be tough for most high school students, and discovering a career they can be passionate about is even tougher. ...more

10 Tips for Choosing a Junior Tennis Camp


Summer and holiday junior camps—as opposed to tennis-training academies—all seem to promise much the same thing: an opportunity for your 9 to 18 year old to focus on tennis, get away on his or her own, and have fun. But how can you decide which one to choose? ...more

59 Great Medical Programs for High School Students


Thinking about a career in medicine? Doing a medical internship, summer program, or community service project in high school can help you decide if medicine is the right track for you before you waste time and money trying pre-med in college. UPenn Medicine Summer Program offers a realistic look at what a pre-med student might face. ...more

2015 Best Sports Camp Award Winner


Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs won 2015 Philadelphia Family LOVE award for the Best Sports Camp category. ...more

Top 10 Summer Camps


Leadership In The Business World-“Leadership in the Business World” makes good on its title—courses focus on leadership and management, and the group business plan competition, judged by a panel of venture capitalists, has fostered viable ideas like low-cost prefabricated housing and Medsafe prescription safety cards. ...more

A Profile In Success Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs


Most people know Julian Krinsky due to his amazing tennis skills. Most people know about him through his amazing tennis school, but most people don't know the story behind it all and the story moving forward. ...more

Students Explore Careers At Upenn's Camps


High school students have a chance to explore several different careers at the University of Pennsylvania's summer camps this summer. ...more

So You Want To Go To Medical School? 5 Tips For High Schoolers


Students continue to ask what can I do to become a doctor? One of the tips is to attend a summer program for high school students interested in medicine like UPenn's program. ...more

The Area's Coolest Camps for Healthy Kids


Looking for a personalized tennis camp experience for your child? This camp allows participants from ages 4 to 18, to choose skills that they would like to improve to win or just simply play for fun. Each camper receives personalized coaching, and instruction focuses on the physical and mental part of the game. ...more

Summer Camp May Improve College Admissions Odds

Summer Camp May Improve College Admissions Odds


How you spend your summer vacation isn't just fodder for first-day-back-in-school essays. It could provide a boost on college or job applications—especially if you went to camp. ...more

12 Best Pre-College Summer Programs


As a high school student, it’s hard to know what colleges are looking for in their applicants. Officer positions in clubs and good grades in advanced-level classes are always a nice place to start, but it’s the students who go the extra mile (literally!) who tend to catch the eyes of admission officers. ...more

Tennis For Kids:Making The Game Easier To Learn


Most children who aspire to learn—or master—a sport have the advantage of learning gradually, playing at a level that makes it easier to attain early success. Beginner-level swimmers start out in the shallow end, not the deep end of an Olympic-sized pool. ...more

I Tried It: Penn Medicine's Med School Boot Camp


Last week, when I learned I would be checking out a summer camp at Penn Medicine, I have to admit I was slightly disturbed at the thought of 55 high schoolers actually choosing to spend their summer vacation at a camp modeled after med school. ...more

Students From Around The World Attend Medical School Camp At Penn


Penn Medicine is hosting its first medical school camp for high school students from around the world. This is the third of a four week program where 55 high school students with a curiosity in biology and medicine participated in the camp at Penn’s Simulation Center at the Rittenhouse location. ...more

Krinsky Golf Camp


Kids and teens share their experiences with the Krinsky Golf Camp, which teaches young golfers about the game. ...more

Julian Krinsky Camps


Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs (JKCP) offers kids and teens the best in fitness this summer at Haverford College and Villanova University. JKCP sports and fitness programs are available for kids from ages 10 to 13 (Xploration) and 14-17 (Enrichment) including a residential program and a day program. ...more

JKCP Brings Exciting Learning Opportunities for Philadelphia's Youth


Summer camps for kids and teens are a tradition that has been carried through the years for decades, but today's affluent teens probably want a summer experience surpassing that of spooky tales around a campfire and nature hikes. ...more

Cool Summer Camps Cater to A Wide Range of Interests


Kids don't have to run away and join the circus anymore. They can just go to circus camp. The "circus arts" are just one kind of specialty camp now offered, as very specific programs in interests like fashion, filmmaking and robotics take on or are added to the traditional, everything-in-one camp. ...more

5 Business Ideas That Inspire


There may be no better time to run a camp than in the summer. Just ask Julian Krinsky, who has been redefining the way traditional camps are seen for 35 years. Krinsky has done this by catering these camps to specialized athletic and academic programs for children between ages 7 and 18. ...more

Mapping The Summer Camp Business


Husband-and-wife team Julian and Tina Krinsky, co-founders of 35-year-old Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs, used the savings in overhead to expand to 20 programs, ranging from cooking to entrepreneurship, that serve 5,000 children at college campuses around Pennsylvania. ...more

Unique Summer Camps


Julian Krinsky, a former professional tennis player, started his camp 35 years ago as a place for kids to improve their tennis. But it has since grown beyond the sport to offer more than 20 programs. ...more

Julian Krinsky Camp and Programs


We are coming up on the season when parents are beginning to think about summer camps. Ukee sat down with Tina Krinsky, Chief Visionary Officer of Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs to discuss the wide range of programs they offer. ...more

Wharton and NFL Launch Program for Teen Athletes


In the last few years, business schools have designed executive education programs with the goal of helping former professional athletes transition to the business world. Undoubtedly, these programs helping them gain valuable personal branding and business skills, but are they coming too late in these elite athletes’ careers? ...more

Haverford College Busy In Summer


The Spring semester ended in May, and most students and faculty are gone for the summer—but the dorm rooms at Haverford College remain far from empty. They're not being used for storage, either. They are, in fact, full of students. ...more

Today's Summer Camps Are For Profit As Well As Fun


At Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs of King of Prussia, which has been keeping up to 5,000 students a year busy for 34 summers, dozens of day and residential programs are offered. They fall under four primary categories besides sports: the arts, math, science, and business and leadership. ...more

The Area's Coolest Camps for Active Kids


School ended for Philadelphia kids last Friday, which means if you’re a Philadelphian under the age of 18: those super-sweet 80 days of unstructured bliss has begun. And if you’re a parent of one of these happy kids, it means three months of trying to keep them happy, occupied—and as far away from the couch as possible. ...more

Kids Getting a "Quick Start" on Tennis


The USTA's Quick Start program is trying to use smaller rackets to bring the game to smaller children. Not ever kid at Har Zion on Tuesday was going to be the next tennis star but at worst they would learn a new game and have some fun. ...more

Philadelphia's 15 Top Day Camps for Healthy Kids


The camp uses state-of-the-art video analysis to improve strokes. Kids get to compare their game to their favorite golfers, check their balls trajectory info, custom-fit their putter and track their progress all throughout camp. ...more

8 Exclusive Summer Camps


This summer, skip the bug spray and musty cabins. Instead, how about a Costa Rican surfing safari or an exclusive horse backriding excursion in Russia? Private golf lessons, citrus facials and Shiatsu massages. Absolutely no expense is spared at the Julian Krinsky/Canyon Ranch summer program. ...more

Money-No-Object Summer Camps


Here campers aged 13-17 learn everything from Pilates and “the zen of eating” to aromatherapy and reflexology. Campers dine on organic, unprocessed food on linen tablecloths and sleep in air-conditioned dorms. ...more