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Weekend Trips & Activities FAQs

What are the Weekend Trips? Now that's a truly exciting aspect of the Krinsky Experience. Our weekend trips include major East Coast destinations like New York City, Washington, D.C., the New Jersey beaches and others. You can find out more about … Continue reading

Summer Weekend Trips: Adventures

It's time to discover The Adventures part of the Weekend Trips!  In 2012, you will be able to enjoy a relaxing Saturday at Ocean City, New Jersey on either June 30th, July 14th, or July 28th. Ocean City, New Jersey (America's … Continue reading

Summer Weekend Trips: Theme Parks

Now onto the Theme Parks…..we have Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom (pictured below at the top) and Six Flags: Great Adventure (pictured below at the bottom).    There are several dates in which you will have the opportunity to experience Six Flags: Great Adventure and Dorney Park/Wildwater … Continue reading

Summer Weekend Trips: The Cities

In our first episode of Weekend Trips we will highlight The Cities!    On July 7th and July 21st, you will have the option to visit Washington D.C. While visiting Washington D.C. you will be able to see the White House (pictured above right) and … Continue reading