Tennis | Ages 4-18

Rethink Tennis Camp

We did. And, the Julian Krinsky School of Tennis is the coolest thing you’re not doing…yet! This is tennis camp reimagined, individualized and focused on YOU!

We’ve trained thousands of tennis players, and we know each player has unique goals, interests and strengths. So, we did it. We rethought what it meant to come to a summer tennis camp and created a program designed just for you. You choose the intensity you want, and we’ll give you the best experience and the best results.

If you are just doing drills, serving and playing matches like your iTunes on repeat – it’s time to step up and try a different approach.

After 35 years, it’s clear Julian Krinsky knows tennis. Now you can experience our newest innovation: five levels of tennis with personalized elective classes.

See the difference JKST will make in your game.

Here’s How It Works: 

Take your pick! Choose from one of the levels. Then, each day, you will be able to pick from a variety of concentrations so you can focus on areas of your game that interest you most.

  • Tennis: Basic Training
  • Tennis for Improvement
  • Tennis to Compete
  • Tennis for Tournaments
  • Tennis for College

We’ve been known to work hard and play hard. We hustle on the court and then take breaks to cool down and have some fun. We’ve created special tennis events you’ll love like Davis Cup, matches against local clubs, tennis carnivals, and beat the pros.  You can even try to beat Julian!

Your Choice of Five Levels

Tennis:  Basic Training

Tennis is a sport to play for a lifetime. Be part of it! Have fun, learn new skills and be with kids looking for the same thing. Whether you are brand new to tennis or play inconsistently, come play fun games that build confidence. We’re making the game easier to learn so you have more fun and success on the court! Plus, you get to work with our expert pros in a really relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere. Kick-start your game this summer and get in on the action!

Concentration Examples:

  • Spin It to Win It
  • Game On
  • Respect the Game
  • Between the Lines
  • Footwork Frenzy

Tennis for Improvement

Smarter. Faster. Improved. Go further with your game. It’s possible! You’re ready to get better. Build on your foundation and supercharge your strengths. After making changes to your game, you’ll get a big bump in your level of play while increasing your consistency, footwork and endurance. As you compete in our weekly tournaments, you’ll be amazed at the difference between your first and last day. Get off autopilot and pump up your motivation!

Concentration Examples:

  • Efficiency Lab
  • Tennis Wars
  • Court Sense
  • Games within the Game

Tennis to Compete

Don’t get caught up in the trophies and rankings.  Play the game you love and compete with your fellow students in a team atmosphere.  This is an ideal prep for school team players.  You have withstood backbreaking practices and grueling matches, so, let us help you showcase your abilities when tryouts start. Beat out your archrival for that coveted singles or doubles spot you have long desired.  Amp up your game and have a break-through season!

Concentration Examples:

  • Strokology
  • Two Good: Dynamic Doubles
  • Team work
  • Inside the Numbers
  • Directionals
  • The Inner Game of Tennis
  • Match It Up

Tennis for Tournaments

This is your turning point. Get out of your rut and make it happen. What you eat, your mental focus, your opponent, your annoying injuries…identify what’s getting in your way and learn how to overcome it. This is the level that pulls all the components together to help you win in tournaments. Execute your best game every time, keep your cool in the toughest moments and capitalize on your opponents’ weaknesses! It’s time to step up your training, analyze what triggers you, and to be a titan . Watch your ranking soar! Players should be participating in USTA (or Ranking) Tournaments.

Concentration Examples:

  • Spin Lab
  • Finesse Tennis
  • Move Like Nadal
  • Unseed to Topseed
  • Competition Prep

Tennis for College

It’s an achievable dream. The message is out: we’re serving up real results and helping players reach the college level! But, you’ve got to commit and work for it. You’ve won a lot, but now you are in the pressure cooker. This is the level that elevates the school player to a college player, the true competitors, the ones who play with courage and the fighters who know how to bounce back after a crushing loss. Strike a balance with high pace, high performance and high intensity master classes that will push you past your limits. You’ll be ready to dominate but with the heart and mind of a champion. It’s the ultimate refinement of your game. Players should be participating in USTA (or Ranking) Tournaments and preparing for college tennis.

Concentration Examples:

  • Unleash the Beast
  • Equipment Revolution
  • College Tennis Preview
  • Pro Strokes
  • Play Connected

Your game deserves JKST!

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 To apply, please email PDF to or online.

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