What is JKCP?

JKCP redefines what a summer should be. We believe that summer should be about doing something you love, meeting people from all over the world, preparing for college or your future career or experiencing something new. We make summer better. We do that by creating summer experiences people love.

Philly Roots.Global Reach.

Students from over 35 states and 40 Countries! Come together with students from all over the world and experience Philadelphia! Amazing university campuses, museums, food, history, culture…Philly is the place to be this summer!

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Our Philosophy

Every summer should be about doing what you love, exploring new things. At JKCP, we do this by offering engaging and unique programs that make you excited to go to class. We also firmly believe in offering instruction from professionals.

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Success Stories

  • Janice L

    The coaches are intense, but fun. They make a point to improve you. It was definitely challenging but pushing myself to do a lot of the tough stuff really made a big difference in getting better.

    – Jared L., Tennis Student

  • Janice L

    What I took away from my first week at JKCP was that I knew I wanted to stay longer. I was so enthralled with the program, loved the golf coaches and instantly had a personal connection with everyone.

    – Laurent S., Golf Student

  • Janice L

    At JKCP, even with counselors and people I do not know, I can be myself. I try to get to know everyone and become friends with everyone and I can only do that because I feel safe and happy at JKCP.

    – Nate C., Enrichment Student

Get to know Julian

  • We listen to our customers and trend spot. Then, we develop curricula with the experts: professional chefs, artists and designers, college professors and touring tennis pros. In 37 years, we've never offered the exact same class twice!

  • Over the years we continually add classes that students request; that’s how we've developed programs students love.

  • Teens love choice. We provide lots of choices: from your program to your classes to your weekend trips!

Julian Krinsky


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